Project Lifecycle

Meeting the client demands on time and optimally serving them with the right product is the most important aspect of any business. With experience, we have learnt that there is no substitute to determination and commitment. And through our quality-driven approach and work methods, we make sure that these two factors are sufficiently sheltered and utilized in the right direction. Our projects undergo a perfectly planned system of planning and execution and are treated with great precision.

The right kind of project development plan lets you command the techniques well and handle the processes dynamically. This helps you to get the best part of substance and sophistication in your development regime. We ensure a work dominant approach through our definitively appointed project development.

Following the most authentically framed path of development, we have maintained and managed the system of production most fascinatingly. We have meticulously designed project development phases that comprises of logically laid sequences of project initiation, planning, execution and delivery.

Project Initiation

Project Initiation involves pre-planning, idea screening, communication, research and envisioning of the project. This is the first phase in the Project Life Cycle and essentially involves project kick-off. It lays-down the project purpose and scope, recons the feasibility of initiating and implementing it. In the due course, it also considers its impact and determines its functional ends. Once all these activities are over, we arrange for a complete project team, prepare initial documents and provide for custom reporting and perform a Phase Review.

Project Planning

Once we are done with the initial activities, we enter into the planning phase where we plan and arrange for the proponents that will help us deliver resourceful solution. In this phase, we aim at defining and appointing the resources for the project development. We plan for resources, agendas, connectivity, channel, employees and supporting factors that would lead to a smooth and effective project development. This also entails creating a suite of planning documents to help guide the team until the end and also measure the activities and measure the performances.

Project Execution

In this phase, we bring all the development elements and resources together and execute the project plan. In the process of execution we create, produce and bring the final product into evidence. All the finalized plans and resourceful details are crystallized by the development team, and an inclusive product design is framed and consequently developed and packaged as per the project plan. The deliverables are physically built in this phase and presented for user acceptance.

Besides developing the entire project step-by- step, the phase includes managing varied issues and events related to suppliers, customers and peripheral resources through effective communication and reporting activities. Broadly, the activities during this phase include managing and controlling time, quality, cost, change, risks and other important factors related to the project.

Project Delivery

The Project Delivery phase involves releasing the final deliverables to the customer. The course of delivery may be different for different customers based on the type of final product. It may vary from deployment of the software at the client’s work environment or installation of the application at their web destination or simply handing over the manuals and training material for understanding the remotely placed program component.

Delivery phase extends to user-training and support activities in case of process automation and CRM solutions or if the application developed is large and complex in arrangements, needs to-be- used by multiple users at a tandem and has far-hitting impact on organization’s work and business processes.

Irrespective of any application type, once the project is live, we also provide a 1 month free- support to the client. At the time of closure, activities like terminating supplier contracts, circulating project completion reports, releasing project resources, archiving project details and communicating project closure to all stakeholders are performed.

Points Which We Take Care Of During Project Cycle

  • High degree of Project transparency and eminent communication process
  • The process entails highly advanced quality assurance practices after the initial development is completed
  • Proper guidance and you through
  • Project updates and developments are uploaded on our development servers for client