Business and IT Consulting

In today’s market, Global Organizations need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Operating environment for global organizations is getting difficult and complex on every day. Staying ahead of these changes and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business transformation and Information Technology (IT) has to play a bigger role than just being a support function. IT has to lead the transformation of various functional areas of these organizations to align the business strategy and goals to move forward in competitive market.

PicsAxis' Consultants provide best-in-class knowledge, innovation and services to help global organizations successfully transform the way they operate their business. PicsAxis consultants (Business and IT) facilitate the business processes and technology-driven transformation to achieve business objectives and growth. We provide business and IT consulting services across the lifecycle of business transformation programs from strategy to implementation. We offer a systematic, innovative, time-sensitive approach through structured collaboration to improve change adoption among business, functional and technical teams. We work with our clients throughout the journey of change management program from strategy definition to results recognition.

PicsAxis Technologies helps its clients to achieve and sustain their success through strategic, functional and process transformation which enables them to increase effectiveness, improve performance, reduce costs and enhance resilience. Our best practices and frameworks, ready-to-use enablers and tools offer unique benefits based approach which helps our clients to improve business performance. Our extensive global experience across multiple Industries helps our clients in their business growth with keeping the focus on customer first, reduced time to market, and increased operational excellence.

We recommend to conduct interactive workshops with business users and IT users from our clients to understand their business objectives. We then provide our recommendations not only from IT prospective but also with business recommendations with understanding need of their consumers by creating various personas in our Interactive experience workshop. Our consultants use this interactive workshop format to perform the following:

  • Present leadership an understanding of transformation opportunities, potential benefits, and application to business objectives.
  • Create an IT transformation reference model aligned to the specific goals of your organization.
  • Analyze your current IT environment across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.
  • Detail the current state, pain points, negatives consequences, and recommendations required to achieve your objectives.
  • Provide a list of quick wins and priorities to achieve momentum and build consensus.
  • Present a logical topography to graphically illustrate the proposed transformative environment.